Check fuel! Reminder

MX-5 2016 does not make any sounds when warning lights come out, as other cars do.

I have to commute every day 70 miles roundtrip. Not paying attention to the fuel gauge at the beginning of my commute, the yellow warning light sometimes sneaks up on me; at times while on the freeway … This is especially annoying during busy “stop and go” traffic, on the way back home. So, I decided to add an additional feature to my smart” mirror controller – audible warning on low fuel level- 3 beeps if the tank is below ¼. Since it is already connected to the CAN bus, I can easily get information on the tank level.

Information about the fuel level is available through the OBD protocol; however it is not the same as the information on the console gauge, but a direct reading from the sensor in the fuel tank. It is not reliable if the car is in motion. I got many false warnings during sharp turns.  My latest modification takes initial reading when the car is in the “Park” position, however, the sound warning will initiate once the shifter changes to the “Drive” position, with a 20-30 second lag. If the fuel level is below ¼ of a tank it will beep 3 times only and the next check will be again in the “Park” position.

Now I have a reminder right after I pull out from the garage, so I can stop for fuel at the most convenient gas station on the way to the freeway!

6 thoughts on “Check fuel! Reminder

  1. I discovered, how to access fuel gauge on console, instead of reading fuel tank sensor. This makes more accurate prediction. Now I’m thinking to add OBD settings to my device, so it can be reconfigured at any time.


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  3. Hi!

    Do you happen to have the CAN channel info for fuel leve? I have an RX8, but I bet the CAN into is the same.



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