Adding a new switch

While working on a new project, I needed an additional switch to control my device. The MX-5 2016 ST has a place holder for the switch, which in the RF model is used to control the roof closing/opening. I decided to use this place holder to add my own switch. On the Miata forum  there was some discussion about the possibility of adding new switches, but no real implementation yet.

After looking closely at the construction of the indicator panel, I found that the plastic cover on the left side is actually an independent part and can be easily converted to the actual switch. It has free movement inside the panel and is fixed in place by two tiny plastic retainers.


I designed and 3D printed two plastic inserts to integrate with a tactile switch from Digikey. TL1105SPF160Q_smlswitch


Plastic retainers were an inside central hole, just 1mm high, removed by a knife.

IMG_2137The switch is installed with a 3D printed insert. Two round white guides cupped with melted plastic to retain the button.

IMG_2139Wires attached and covered with Kapton tape to eliminate contact with PCB traces.


Everything is in place. Touching this button produced a satisfying click and esthetically everything is intact.


Getting wires out is simple; 10 pin connector has three unused pins; Ground pin on the “F” position, and pin position “I” can be used for the tactile switch.

This is a momentary switch, which is perfect for my application, but it can be converted to a standard On-Off switch with the help of electronics.

8 thoughts on “Adding a new switch

  1. Nice job Sergey! Upon closer inspection, you must have a Lusso with heated seats. They apparently made that module capable of handling the RF switch. Unfortunately, the panel in the Classica is all one piece with only the opening for the air bag messages, so my only option for adding a switch is to use the spot allocated to the footwell illumination switch instead.


    • It is still possible to utilize this panel for controls, using “touch” technology with help of $1 microprocessor. I’m going to design something, so you can turn any plastic space in to control switch.


  2. OOps, I just realized you have the MX-5 ;), So it’s the Sport version that probably can’t take advantage of your project.


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