Automatic Roll-Up Windows – Part 2

My windows switch modification for automatic roll-up windows became a very popular mod among Miata enthusiasts. However, the original modification, for most people, was somewhat difficult due to high precision soldering. To make it more accessible, I designed an external controller with a wire harness, which is now an easy plug-n-play setup.

switch with harness2

The new controller has a little switch for selecting windows behavior during opening the top. Some people would prefer the windows to automatically go down, while others prefer the windows to go all the way up.

he new plug-n-play windows controller for Soft Top is available in my store.

Now it works with MX-5 RF as well. RF version is software only update.

Installation Guide v1.0a

48 thoughts on “Automatic Roll-Up Windows – Part 2

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  2. That’s an awesome mod. I love the ability to use the key fob. On a separate subject, any chance for a mod that would enable a key fob operation of a Smart Top on an RF?


  3. Really looking forward to this and the keyfob part. In fact, I am building an entire order list of goodies from your store. Keep up the amazing work!


      • Unfortunately no progress with RF. I don’t have access to RF now and with the current situation in California, it is not clear, when we can do this.


      • Finally I got RF and new software works fine there. Only one limitation, windows will go up only, after any operations with top. Unlike ST, there is no signal about closing or opening, just one indicating roof in operation.


      • Hope this doesn’t violate terms of the blog or something but i just received the SmartTOP unit… Curious if i can use the RF version of your auto windows unit in tandem with this when it’s programmed for one-touch up/down (e.g. will it sense initial start/completed close movement or would it only triggered by release of the switch in OEM/constant hold ? My fear being that the latter would put the windows up before the top retracts/opens as soon as you’ve let go of the switch instead of allowing them to rolldown for that 1″ or so clearance for both open and close motions).


      • This is a little tricky because there is no way of knowing if the top is going up or down. I think this feature must be disabled during top operation.


  4. Easy install compared to the previous (soldered) version.
    One thing I did find was the switch position for final up/down position was reverse to the instructions. The wife wanted them down when top locked down, so switch to the left.
    Install, reassemble, connect battery, go through Mazda procedure then unlock the top. When locked into down position the windows went up! Bugger.
    Pull apart, move switch to RH position, repeat procedure and all is good with the world.
    I did hold the module as photographed when setting the switch. Surely this isn’t a RHD thing is it?


  5. Is there an easy way to have external access to the switch that controls the windows behaviour? Most of the time i would like it down when opening the top, but during winter times, when the wind is chilly, but have good sun, i would like to open the top with the windows going back up. Was thinking if i could rewire the switch to an external button and reroute it to the cluster of button or something.


    • Unfortunately, there are no wires between the door and cabin, which we can use for it. There are no CAN communication, otherwise would be easy.


    • Here is one idea: I can implement programming open top without locking it, if you at this moment lift windows up manually, it will remember it as a default behavior. Or put them down and will remember this setting. This will require software update.


  6. sounds like a perfect idea. would be great if it can be implement in the next batch of modules since they’re out of stock at the moment 😦


  7. Received and installed the kit today and all worked as advertised. Figuring how to route the wiring was the only thing that took a few minutes but overall was quick and easy.


  8. is there an ETA on the key fob version? (Currently listing as sold out) or will I be able to add the key fob harness once it becomes available?


  9. Hi, i installed the auto window module today. I have a problem, when i open the softtop de windows go down instead up. What did indo wrong? When i close the softtop the windows go up. I didn’t found a selector on the module.


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