Front Camera kit updated

Since the initial release of the Front Camera kit, I have collected feedback from customers and decided to release a second version.  Bug fixing and adding new features is an ongoing task and to make it possible to update software on site, a new USB port was added. Now software can be uploaded from a MS Windows computer via USB cable at any time.

aoi2All software features and default settings can be enabled or disabled through the same application:


There was some issue with the Smart Mirror feature. Because we can’t get the absolute position of the mirror, we have to rely on moving time during initial setup. This is not a very accurate method, because sometimes motion up is a little slower than moving down. To compensate for these errors,  new software has correction coefficients for each direction. These coefficients are now possible to enter using this new application via USB cable.

Another improvement was done to the main harness. To make installation and access to the module easier, the cable has been extended 15″.  The front camera cable now has direct connection to the module via 4pin connector.

Notes about using the “Mute” button for activating Front Camera:

If you press “Mute” to activate the front camera and you want to continue listening to the radio, just turn the volume knob a little. It will exit from mute for radio but the front camera will stay on, until you press the Mute button again.

It was reported that using the Mute button will interfere with CMU updating procedure. However inference is minor. After pressing three buttons combination (Music+Mute+Fav), CMU will switch to front camera. After about 5 seconds, CMU will switch to debug mode and will show normal interface again.

See updated Installation guide

Updated kits now available here.

13 thoughts on “Front Camera kit updated

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  2. When will it be available for purchase again?
    Will you be restocking this switch? This is the best option for adding a front camera for parking


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