Opening and closing RF roof with a key fob

You can put the roof down while you approaching the car, how cool is this?

After successful implementation of the one-touch roof control module, next idea is to do this using a key fob from outside the car.

This is a very challenging task because the roof mechanism operates only when Ignition power is on. To solve this problem, I modified my ACC controller to control the IG relay instead. This module would listen to CAN messages and when activate IG relay when needed by pressing Lock or Unlock buttons on the key fob. After roof operation completed (which is also known as an event on the CAN bus) IG relay will be turned off. RF controller also can listen to CAN bus for key fob messages and activate mechanism when needed.

Quick implementation was successful, and I got everything working as desired. Because I already had Windows Controller installed, everything is fully functional. Technically windows controller could be optional, but if you leave windows down and then remotely put the roof up, there is no way to close windows without entering the car again. Also, in a US car after closing the roof, windows will leave a gap of 1″, which I can close remotely with one more click.

We tested it with RF 2017 and RF 2020, MT and AT versions.

This product will be available by end of June 2021 from our store.

12 thoughts on “Opening and closing RF roof with a key fob

  1. can you use this when you have SmartTOP Retractable Fastback Roof Controller, MX5 Mk4 RF 2019 fitted I would like to buy this but I also want to keep the smart top controller its on sale in the UK £160.00 approx


      • Just bought the controller should be with me in the next few days will strip out the mods for cars one and replace it with yours two questions one I only have Apple Mac tech so will the controller work with key with out doing any updates dose it come with the latest up date the car is a 2019 RF or have you a Mac version to install the updates thanks tony


      • We don’t have Mac software yet. By default, the remote control will be enabled with 3 clicks, speed limit 15mph, and one-touch operation is enabled.


  2. Thanks for the info just one more thing I got the Ignition controller as well to fit as part of the bundle do you also have to have the window controler as well to make this work as I would rather not have that item thank you for all your help its being fitted here in the uk and I would like when fitted to be able to post this up on the clubs forum

    Regards tony cad


    • Without window controller you will not able to close windows, if they were open if you closing the car, but if they were closed manualy, I guess no problem. You just have to remember this.


  3. Thank you for your help l will watch out for the Mac update hope they will not be to far in the future but looking forward to fitting the kit just fitted the DRL kit with the headlight feature …. And the remote boot/trunk opening spring kit …..

    Regards tony


      • Thanks for all your help the full 3 part module arrived Thursday so took some time out Friday started with the window controller fitted and tested ,all good then the ignition controller , all good then the Roof controller again no problems it took me around 2.5 hours to fit all three and then Mondays 16 Aug attended a mini club meet I think you will be getting a few UK orders …. A great bit of kit now all I ask is if we can get you to sort out the updates/ selecting speeds through mac ……whats next Remote start up ……..??? regards tony.cad


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