OBDII Headlight Initializer Dongle

Recently I got a request through my Request and Wishlist forum page about making a simple dongle for initiating auto-leveling headlights. Why would you need this? According to Mazda Workshop manual:

  • Perform headlight auto leveling system initialization if any of the following services is performed:
    • Auto leveling control module/AFS control module replacement
    • Auto leveling sensor replacement or removal/installation
    • Any service which changes vehicle height, such as suspension replacement or removal/installation

Technically you can do this with simple wire jumper, as suggested in that manual:

  • Perform Steps 4 and 5 within 30 s.

1. Empty the vehicle except for the jack and vehicle tools.

2. Adjust the tire pressure to the specification.

3. Move the vehicle to level ground.

4. Switch the ignition ON (engine off or on).

5. Using a jumper wire, connect DLC-2 terminals B and J (ground) three times at 0.5—1.5 s intervals as shown in the figure. (If the terminals are mistakenly connected, vehicle damage or fire could occur. When connecting with the jumper wire, thoroughly verify what terminals are being connected to prevent a miss-connection.)

  • The initialization is completed if the LED headlight warning light flashes three times every 0.25 s and turns off. Go to the next step.
  • If the LED headlight warning light flashes at 0.25 s intervals, the procedure may have been performed incorrectly. Repeat the procedure from Step 4.

6. Verify the LED headlight warning light.

To make this process less stressful, I added little electronics for OBDII connector, which produced 3 stable pulses after a single click on the button.

This dongle is available for ordering here