FasTrak device is an RF ID module for paying toll bridges and express lanes in California. Some people are asking, how to mount it in MX-5.  It is recommended to keep it on the wind shield, which is already cramped with Forward Sensing Camera and Rain Sensor. The FasTrak devise is quite big and ugly in my opinion, and it is not necessary to keep it on the wind shield.

Soft top MX-5 is RF transparent, so you can keep RF tag inside the plastic cubby and it will work perfectly.shelf1jpg

Organizing space

MX-5 2016 has very little space to store things. There is a cubby compartment between the seats, which is tall enough to be divided by a shelf.  I found inside the cubby small ledges on each side and 3 slots on the back wall, which can be used for mounting a shelf. Measuring inside that space is not easy; I did some preliminary measurements and cut out from cardboard a shape of this shelf. After a few iterations of cutting and fitting, I made a pretty accurate model in Solidworks and produced a DXF file for laser cut. Continue reading