Trunk lid popper


I like the trunk mechanism on the Audi A3 2015 car. The trunk opens all the way up by remote. When you’re carrying groceries it is very convenient. I usually carry two bags for my work commute and the MX-5 trunk will only open an inch or so, causing me to have to put my bags down to open the lid all the way. After a closer look at the current mechanism, I thought it would be easy to add a couple of torsion springs, to help the trunk lid open-up all the way, by remote. Continue reading

Trunk Organizer

Another small project for my MX-5. I designed some simple partitions to keep small items in the trunk without being squished by groceries or other heavy bags.  The trunk has a deepened area which is 4 inches deep; perfect for small items like hiking shoes, water bottles, and some car maintenance items. Continue reading