Acrylic wind blocker

MX-5 2016 original wind blocker has a very simple design, and almost useless. It doesn’t block much wind but blocks your view. I decided to replace it with a bigger size acrylic screen…

I created the design using Solidworks and Adobe Illustrator. The mounting clips were 3D printed using ABS plastic. The screen was laser cut from a 4.5mm acrylic sheet, by Ponoko service. The result was a very clean design and easy to install.

The proposed design was discussed on the Miata forum and got many positive feedbacks.


The cut out in the middle section of the wind blocker allows you to open and close the soft top from the driver’s seat. This is very convenient, but some people prefer the efficiency of wind-blocking over convenience, so a bigger size screen was designed.


Ponoko service provides laser etching as well, for custom logo designs. Currently, 8 different options are available for ordering here

See the latest slide show on YouTube.






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