Let’s add some light!

The nice thing about acrylic is you can easily illuminate the etched portion by putting a light source on the bottom edge of the screen.

I designed a little unit with bright white LEDs.


3D printed housing of LED unit fits under the screen perfectly.

After initial testing, I realized that LEDs are too bright and some kind of dimmer control was necessary .  I decided to use a 2 button control, and chose a low cost microprocessor with EEPROM to keep settings after power was off. PWM duty cycle is controlled by two buttons, increase/decrease and last setting of brightness will be stored in EEPROM.


The most challenging thing in this project was finding a way of getting power to this unit. My previous experience with installing a backup camera on my car gave me the idea to use the same channel to the trunk. The trunk has a service panel near the antenna and there are accessible wires for the parking light. Which was a perfect place to hook up the LED unit.


Everything hooked up with stealthy wire, no batteries!




One thought on “Let’s add some light!

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