Acrylic Wind Blocker with perfect fit

One year ago, I designed my first acrylic wind blocker.  Thanks to great support from the Miata community, I was able to continuously work on improvements.  I made several options and a few modifications to mounting clips. The main challenge was to design a product that could work in many different cars. It turned out that tolerances on major dimensions between hoops are quite big, +/- 2mm. That meant that one wind blocker could have a very loose fit in one car and a super tight fit in another, leaving the only option of making custom mounting clips for each individual case.

I decided to design new adjustable mounting clips. With this design, vertical adjustment of the clip position will also change the horizontal position up to 2mm. And everything can be tightened with one screw. No more glue involved! This makes it easy to replace clips if more tuning is required, for a wider gap.


Clip position for wider gaps on the left

The bottom mounting clips have also been redesigned. Now the acrylic portion is going down to the 3D printed clip, which makes construction stronger and no more glue is needed for attachment.





The new design is available for all options from my store

Installation instruction.

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