Check fuel! Reminder

MX-5 2016 does not make any sounds when warning lights come out, as other cars do.

I have to commute every day 70 miles roundtrip. Not paying attention to the fuel gauge at the beginning of my commute, the yellow warning light sometimes sneaks up on me; at times while on the freeway … This is especially annoying during busy “stop and go” traffic, on the way back home. Continue reading

Organizing space

MX-5 2016 has very little space to store things. There is a cubby compartment between the seats, which is tall enough to be divided by a shelf.  I found inside the cubby small ledges on each side and 3 slots on the back wall, which can be used for mounting a shelf. Measuring inside that space is not easy; I did some preliminary measurements and cut out from cardboard a shape of this shelf. After a few iterations of cutting and fitting, I made a pretty accurate model in Solidworks and produced a DXF file for laser cut. Continue reading