Rear Red LED Strip

A member of the forum with the nickname Jumperthumper created another pure cosmetic modification which gained some interest from the Miata community. I decided to check how it would look on my car, to maybe make some sort of kit for easy installation for other people. A Red LED strip can be attached to the trunk lid that will produce a glowing reflection, which looks very nice at night. I found on Amazon an LED strip with 120 LEDs/m which has the 3M backing tape. This strip is more expensive, but the adhesive side is more strong than most of the low-cost strips.

The trunk lid has several holes with rubber plugs, which makes wire routing more concealed. The original wire leads from the LED strip were replaced with black cable; 1m long with 2 pin connector at the end.


I already had a rear light harness designed for other projects, so I just added a 2 pin connector to the Parking light wires, for Plug-n-Play installation. (this harness now available from my store)


The whole setup took 15 min to install (not counting time for soldering wires).  The light comes on when the running/parking lights are on.



I was able to source this LED strip directly from the manufacturer and they agree to make a custom cable for us with an attached 2 pin connector, compatible with my harness. 2pin.jpg

This kit ( LED strip, harness, and 3M primer) now available from my store.

Red LED strip Installation instruction v1.0

7 thoughts on “Rear Red LED Strip

  1. Installed this in 20 minutes last night. All I can say is WOW! The quality is 100%! Very easy installation start to finish. And it makes the car look like a million bucks!


  2. If you already have the sequential lights installed how does that effect the wiring installation of the red strip lights


  3. I prefer to have this attached to brake lights simply becasue I drive much more during the day. I assume I can just tap the other wires in the adapter (move or replace your plug?). I assume that this decision is an either/or choice. I can get it to work with brake or parking lights but not both without 2 strips.


    • this is correct, you can move (tap just one red wire, keep black where it is) to the brake line. However, during day time this strip light is not very noticeable if you mount it on the lid.


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