Acrylic Wind Blocker with perfect fit

One year ago, I designed my first acrylic wind blocker.  Thanks to great support from the Miata community, I was able to continuously work on improvements.  I made several options and a few modifications to mounting clips. The main challenge was to design a product that could work in many different cars. It turned out that tolerances on major dimensions between hoops are quite big, +/- 2mm. That meant that one wind blocker could have a very loose fit in one car and a super tight fit in another, leaving the only option of making custom mounting clips for each individual case. Continue reading

Adding a new switch

While working on a new project, I needed an additional switch to control my device. The MX-5 2016 ST has a place holder for the switch, which in the RF model is used to control the roof closing/opening. I decided to use this place holder to add my own switch. On the Miata forum  there was some discussion about the possibility of adding new switches, but no real implementation yet. Continue reading

Trunk Organizer

Another small project for my MX-5. I designed some simple partitions to keep small items in the trunk without being squished by groceries or other heavy bags.  The trunk has a deepened area which is 4 inches deep; perfect for small items like hiking shoes, water bottles, and some car maintenance items. Continue reading